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Cost-Effective Procurement

Cost-Effective Procurement

What We Do

We conduct a deep dive into your organization’s energy needs and create risk adversity and financial analysis. Then we compare and contrast product and pricing offers from every viable energy supplier in the marketplace.

Your organization’s energy needs, optimal pricing, and up-to-date energy market intelligence are overlaid to develop a custom energy prescription. Once you sign your energy supply agreement, our job isn’t done—in fact we’re just starting our service. As your outsourced energy department, Crimson Power Solutions helps manage your energy on an ongoing basis, notifying you of future electricity and natural gas opportunities.

Our Areas of Expertise

Crimson redefines the way energy is managed by identifying what you need before you have to ask.  We accomplish this through using our state-of-the-art on-line data analytics capabilities.  All tracking and monitoring, both financially and operationally, is managed by our system and staff.

Our Operations and Pricing Team will design an approach to that incorporates market conditions, overlaid with your organization’s level of risk adversity, goals, and other financial considerations.  Our team then executes the plan while monitoring all aspects of the service.

LED Lighting Retrofits

Our team only prescribes the highest-quality LED lighting components from top suppliers, such as General Electric (GE) and Sylvania. After all, only the best is good enough for your organization.

Additionally, we perform an on-site audit of your current lighting situation and identify any opportunities to reduce costs and maximize utility incentives.

Solar and Wind Energy Consulting

Our energy management consultation includes solar and wind energy consultation that will help your organization save money while positively affecting the environment. We will evaluate your site’s energy usage and create
an optimal solution.

Our Commitment

We’ll provide your organization with an energy dashboard, which will drive the creation of scores of energy management reports. Our team will help determine and design any custom reporting that could be beneficial. Finally, we’ll interpret the results of your reporting, thus helping your team make the best energy decisions possible.

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